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Synchronising Outlook with Google Calendar


Microsoft Outlook is one of the most famous softwares used for schedule management, contact management, and to-do management. I’ve been using this since 2000 when I started working for a company as a graduate position. It gives me great convenience because it synchronises both my desktop PC and PDA with each other, so I don’t need to memorise all my schedules nor write down on my planner.

Well, now Google provides the same service as MS Outlook, which is called Google Calendar. It is more convenient than Outlook because Outlook cannot be updated while I’m away from my PC. Instead, Calendar can be accessed as long as I can connect to the Internet. So, I migrated all my contacts and schedules to Calendar. By doing so, I can easily update my schedule through my mobile phone, which runs Nokia’s Symbian OS.

However, I still want to synchronise my Outlook with Calendar. Google Calendar Sync is the one I’ve searched for a long time.


After downloading this application from HERE and installing it, it can automatically synchronises both Outlook and Calendar with each other.

It would be great for business people who use MS Exchange and Outlook in their organisation because they don’t need to update their schedule by turning on their PC or accessing to their Exchange server. Rather, just accessing to Google Calendar might be enough.

Of course, there are heaps of applications that enable to directly manage Calendar. This application is using Calendar in just a different way and I prefer this way because it is a sort of back-up my schedules.


Written by Justin Yoo

30/05/2009 at 12:39