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Bought EA Sports Active Personal Trainer and Grand Slam Tennis for Nintendo Wii

EA Sports Active Personal Trainer

EA Sports Active Personal Trainer


EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis

EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis


Yay~!! The other type of home fitness game for Wii has been released. Wii Fit is the first Wii title for physical exercise. Now, another game title called, EA Sports Active Personal Trainer (Sports Active) has been published by EA Sports. It is more likely to focus on physical exercise, while Wii Fit is more oriented to yoga-like activity. In other words, Wii Fit focuses on body balance improvement using yoga – Eastern way of fitness, while Sports Active focuses on body strength enhancement using aerobics – Western way of fitness.

Another title is called EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis (Grand Slam Tennis). It is the improved version of the tennis game in Wii Sports. It is more realistic than Wii Sports and supports network match once registering on EA Sports web site.

Anyway, I bought them and played last night. Wow~ it’s amazing and tiring. After an hour workout, I nearly got collapsed because of too much exercise, hehe. 🙂 For Wii users, they might be MUST-HAVE items.

By the way, Sports Active has a twitter account, @Active_Girl. Let’s follow her!

EA Sports 에서 Wii 전용 게임인 Sports Active와 Grand Slam Tennis를 출시했다. 다른 게임 콘솔 – PS3 또는 XBox – 과 다른 독특한 모션센서링 시스템을 갖고 있는 Wii 덕분인지 꽤 재미있고, 운동도 되는 그런 게임들이다. ^^

Wii 유저라면 강추!

오늘 밤에도 한바탕 뛰고 자야쥐~ 잠이 잘와서 좋아효~


Written by Justin Yoo

14/06/2009 at 01:55