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GSM Regulation Keeps Changing

Reference: Students and General Skilled Migration

According to the article above, migration after study (subclass 885, 886 and 887) and General Skilled Migration (GSM; subclass 175 and 176) will be processed separately. So far, migration after study (officially called "Students about GSM Program) has been considered as a part of GSM. However, due to the affection of the global economic crisis to Australia, the GSM program has kept changing to reduce un-skilled migrant.

In fact, even if people who want to migrate to Australia complete their two-year study in Australia, vast majority of them are not able to be confident with communicating with others in English. Even more, they change their profession that is irrelative to their study of two years. For example, people who have completed their cookery study change their job to taxi drivers or others after being granted. The Australian Government wants to avoid this, so only experienced immigrants are allowed to get the permanent residency.

Well, personally, I’ve got several friends directly affected by this regulation change. However, who knows that another change occurs in the future? All they need to do now is just keep their eyes on it.

이민성 웹사이트의 공식 발표에 따르면 이제 유학후이민 옵션과 일반기술이민 옵션을 구분하여 심사를 진행할 예정이란다. 휘유~ 친구넘도 지금 여기서 영주권 받는다고 영주권학과로 알려진 요리공부를 하고 있는 중인데, 앞으로 2년 후에 어떻게 될런지 모르겠다. 머 그래도, 계속 이민법은 바뀌니까 계속 눈여겨 봐야겠지.