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NetGear WG311V3 Wireless Adapter with Windows 7


First of all, it is very disappointing that NetGear wouldn’t support 802.11g or below products they have manufactured. Officially and currently, NetGear has announced only 802.11n related products including wireless LAN adapters are supported. The funniest thing is that NetGear is still selling 802.11g products! How disgusting they are!

I admit 802.11n is rapidly emerging out to the world. It is very new and state-of-the-art technology. However, there are still 802.11g adapters as majorities. It is the manufacturer’s obligation that they have to support their products until the products are old-fashioned.

Anyway, NetGear does not want to support my 802.11g wireless adapter, WG311V3, other users using the same product as me have found the way to install this device into Windows 7.

Even though the driver is not certified from Microsoft, it is all good and perfectly working.

Well, I just bought my desktop pre-assembled last year. If I knew that there was the NetGear device inside, I would give up buying the desktop. One day I buy a new networking device, I will never purchase anyone from NetGear and recommend my acquaintances to have NetGear’s product line.


Written by Justin Yoo

09/11/2009 at 00:19