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uComponents: Multi-Node Tree Picker Data Saving Format Error in Umbraco

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uComponents is a killer extension for Umbraco as it compliments a lot of features that Umbraco lacks or doesn’t have. Nowadays uComponents is a sort of de-facto standard extension because many other extensions are assuming that uComponents is installed.

Once uComponents is installed, several data types used in Umbraco are also installed. Multi-Node Tree Picker (MNTP) which is one of the installed data types is, I believe, the most useful and versatile data type. However, it stores its value as NTEXT type when its value type is set to CSV, which is not quite right.

When you modify contents at the Umbraco back-office, the following error message can be seen.

Your data has been saved, but before you can publish this page there are some errors you need to fix first:

  • [PROPERTY] at [TAB] is not in a correct format

This results from the fact that the value type is set to NTEXT, instead of NVARCHAR. So, once a data type using MNTP is created, the value type should be updated to NVARCHAR directly in SQL.

	cmsDataType AS dt
	JOIN umbracoNode AS node
		ON dt.nodeId = node.id
	dt.controlId = 'c2d6894b-e788-4425-bcf2-308568e3d38b'

Note that the controlId has the value “c2d6894b-e788-4425-bcf2-308568e3d38b” that represents MNTP. Once the query is run, all MNTP data types are listed. They all have NText at their dbType. So they need to be updated to NVarchar by running the following SQL script.

	dbType = 'Nvarchar'
	controlId = 'c2d6894b-e788-4425-bcf2-308568e3d38b'

Now, the MNTP control will have NVarchar data value and will not display the error message above.


Written by Justin Yoo

26/03/2012 at 13:56

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