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How to Convert Korean Drivers Licences to Victorian Ones

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Based on reciprocity between Australia and South Korea, converting Korean drivers licences directly to Australian ones or vice versa is not reportedly possible. In order for Korean immigrants to obtain Australian drivers licences, they have to take several tests including paper test, hazard perception test and driving test.

However, in South Australia, the State Government classifies Korean licences with an “Experienced Driver” recognition group. It means that any Korean migrants who are older than or equal to 25 years old and hold drivers licences are recognised that they are eligible to convert their licences to the SA ones without tests. Make sure that only SA currently applies this rule. Please refer to this page.

What an issue!

Now, Korean migrants can legally and directly convert their drivers licences to Australian ones. Of course, there are some efforts necessary in reality.

Briefly the process for the conversion is:

  1. Convert Korean licences to SA licences
  2. Convert SA licences to VIC licences (or other State licences)

As Victoria State Government doesn’t allow Korean migrants to directly convert their licences to the VIC ones, refer to this page, but allows interstate conversion, refer to this page, if they willing to make their efforts above, they can convert their licences to the Victorian ones.

Written by Justin Yoo

19/03/2012 at 12:16